Monday, April 28, 2008

Kiss Day - Love Greetings

Its April 28, and its Kiss Day. My boyfriend Ron isn't beside me. He is celebrating his Mothers Birthday with his mom and cousin Bryan. I am quite pissed off at Ron but at the same time I realize its not his fault. He needs to be there with his Mother. I remember those days in college when we had loads of time to ourselves . There was never a day that got over without us meeting each other. Now we both work, and free time is rare. And whatever free time we find gets divided between friends, family, personal work, household chores and soulmate too. Its mostly the weekends that we meet and sometimes in the week. I miss u Love. And I wish you were here beside me on Kiss Day. Send these Kiss card to your sweetheart and send a Kiss along with it.

Types Of Kisses! Baby kisses or the really long ones. You want them all. Why not say it with this ecard?
I Love You! Of course you love him/her. Say it again with this ecard.

First Kiss! You still remember that first kiss.
On My Lips! You want him/her right on your lips. Express your desire with this ecard.

When Kisses Feel Heavenly! Make your sweetheart feel special with this ecard.
Your Kisses... Tell your sweetheart how his/her kisses intoxicate your senses.


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